Guitar Building

230163_196481547063792_522306_nThis classes teaches students how to hand-craft an acoustic guitar.  Classes are challenging, but arranged in a fashion that every student will succeed regardless their skill level at the outset. No prior woodworking experience is required to participate in the guitar building class, but a strong desire to enjoy oneself in the woodshop is necessary.

Students are able to choose from three guitar shapes and sizes; dreadnought, auditorium or orchestra.  The student also has a variety of woods to choose from; different spruces for the top, and a variety of woods for the backs and sides.

We will explore the architecture necessary to produce an excellent sounding box, and will examine the acoustic properties of the wood types.  The tap tuning method of voicing is employed to ensure that each soundbox responds as fully as is possible.  Great care will be taken to setup each guitar to be an excellent playing instrument.

It requires at least 150 hours for me to teach and the students to construct an acoustic guitar.  As a result, this class requires a 13 month commitment. Class sizes are limited to 5 students.

Duration: 13 months

Cost: approx. $120 – $150 per month

Materials: approx. $400