Guitar Building


Acoustic Guitar Construction

These classes teach students how to hand-craft an acoustic guitar.  Classes are challenging, but arranged in a fashion that every student will succeed regardless their skill level at the outset. No prior woodworking experience is required to participate in the guitar building class, but a strong desire to enjoy oneself in the woodshop is necessary.

Students are able to choose from three guitar shapes and sizes; dreadnought, auditorium or orchestra.  The student also has a variety of woods to choose from; different spruces for the top, and a variety of woods for the backs and sides.

We will explore the architecture necessary to produce an excellent sounding box, and will examine the acoustic properties of the wood types.  The tap tuning method of voicing is employed to ensure that each soundbox responds as fully as is possible.  Great care will be taken to setup each guitar to be an excellent playing instrument.

It requires at least 150 hours for me to teach and the students to construct an acoustic guitar.  As a result, this class requires a 13 month commitment. Class sizes are limited to 5 students.

Duration: 13 months

Cost: $15/hr, payable in monthly installments

Materials: approx. $400

Electric Guitar

No other musical instrument elicits passion from it’s player like the  electric guitar.

Our electric guitar classes are for those of you who love the electric guitar and would take great pride in playing one that you have built yourself. Your guitar will be a one of a kind work of art that can’t be purchased.

We have several guitar designs and are continually adding more. For a variety of reasons, we do not create exact copies of existing designs but have guitars that suggest the spirit, feel and and function of many of the classics.

There are classes wherein we  build guitars that are based on the classic T-style or S-style guitars with bolt-on necks. We have classes in which we build a LP style or a 335 style with set-necks, carved curly maple tops and chambered bodies. We also have classes that build guitars that are neck through and look like Johnny Winter or Albert Collins should be playing them.

Email to discover what electric class we are cookin’ up next.

Cost: $15.00/hr. Payable in monthly installments

Arch-top Guitar class

For the jazz guitar enthusiast we offer a class in which we construct a 17″ arch-top guitar. Our guitars are based on the design that James D’Aquisto perfected during his many years of practice.

The focus of our class is to learn to carve and graduate the top and back plates in a fashion that allows the greatest amount of airflow and efficiency from a 17″ body. Our guitars feature an elevated fretboard and hand-carved bridge and tailpiece.

Much attention is paid to all guitars in the areas of set-up and playability.

Cost:  $15.00/ hr. Payable in monthly installments