Woodworking Classes

All classes are conducted in a hands-on project-oriented format. Class sizes are limited to 8 students, with 2 instructors, allowing each student ample opportunity for individual instruction. Classes meet once a week, three hours per session.

Classes are designed to allow the opportunity to teach specific techniques in a logical and progressive sequence. The projects are challenging for the student, while providing a sense of accomplishment at each phase of completion.

Introductory Woodworking Classes

Shaker Inspired Coffee Table

Introductory classes focus on teaching students the fundamental techniques involved in woodworking. Students will learn how to read the grain of rough-sawn lumber, and then mill it to dimension to best take advantage of the woods’ intrinsic properties.

Students are taught how to properly and safely use machine tools, including the table saw, band saw, jointer, planer, drill press, and horizontal borer.  Students will be instructed in proper technique for using and sharpening hand tools; hand planes, dovetail saw, chisels and cabinet scrapers. Mortise and tenon joinery will be utilized in the construction of the table. Projects will be completed using a hand-rubbed oil finish.


Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: $275 plus materials

Materials: $40-90

Intro to Woodturning

This class will focus on familiarizing students with the wood lathe through several spindle turning and bowl turning projects. We will cover the parts of the lathe, safety, turning tools, sharpening, and preparing  and choosing wood for turning.

For more information and registration of any and all turning classes, head over to Amanda’s website.  https://www.wilderwoodlouisville.com/woodturning-classes

Intermediate Woodworking Classes

Intermediate courses are designed for students who have completed an introductory course. More advanced woodworking techniques are introduced, and core skills are reinforced. Additional courses will be designed based on student requests.

Roubo Workbench Class


The most important tool for any woodworker is the workbench. A workbench needs to be sturdy enough for heavy planing and provide the
ability to secure various odd shaped parts securely to it’s surface. The 18th century craftsman, Andre Jacque Roubo produced an extensive set of books chronicling his vast woodworking knowledge. From these books comes the Roubo bench. We will construct our bench based on Roubo’s design. We will incorporate a tail vise, a full height leg vise, a sliding dead man hold, and full rows of hold fasts on a split top bench. The bench will be constructed of hard maple.

Cost: $750.00 plus materials.

Jewelry Box

The ability to competently execute a hand cut dovetail is a necessary skill for quality woodcrafting. Much of this class will focus on acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to properly layout and cut a through dovetail joint.

Also, this class allows us the opportunity to further our understanding of hand planes and their use. We will create a mitered frame lid with a floating flat panel using shooting board techniques.

We will learn the techniques needed to flawlessly fit jewelry box hinges into the lid and carcass.

Duration: 10 weeks                                                                                

Cost: $360

Materials: $45

Advanced Woodworking Classes


Rotating Project

Advanced classes are available to those students who have completed the introductory and intermediate dovetail classes.  There are a variety of advanced classes, each with its own project. Classes are designed and scheduled with input from students. Projects have included a Krenov inspired wall cabinet, Shaker style side table with single drawer, and a Federal style hall table with double drawers.


Duration: Varies depending project

Cost: $13/hr

Materials: Varies